How to make the perfect Segafredo Soy Cappuccino?

How to make the perfect Segafredo Soy Cappuccino?

Segafredo soy cappuccino massimo beans

The now ‘not so uncommon’ coffee.

You have finally bitten the bullet and decided to reward your soy coffee loving self and family, by perfecting a Soy Cappuccino. Well, why not! Especially as your concentration is being tested on the days you are working from home. Or the simple joy of learning and then gloating about your new skills to friends and family. This article will provide you with the necessary tips and advice to make it happen.

What to jump straight to the tutorial?

Otherwise, as we dive into our soy cappuccino journey, here are a few interesting facts.

How did this fine beverage get its name? 

Oddly, some may be surprised that religion, and monks, have a big role. 

‘Cappuccino’ takes its name from the Capuchin monks. 

The colour of the espresso mixed with frothed milk was similar to the colour of the hooded robes worn by monks and nuns of the Capuchin order, founded in Italy in the 16th century.

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What is a cappuccino?

1:1:1 ratio – equal parts of espresso shot, steam and frothed soy milk.

Okay, so now we know how the name came about. Let’s focus on the basics: what is a cappuccino? 

A cappuccino is made from a mixture of espresso and steamed milk.

Traditionally, the Italian cappuccino is comprised of a single espresso shot with additions of equal parts of steamed and frothed milk (1:1:1 ratio). And, of course, sprinkled chocolate power to finish off (with an optional floral design).

We should add that there are obvious variations aside from the milk-variety, from weak to double shot cappuccinos, to the additions of syrups, such as almond and caramel to name a couple.

Segafredo soy cappuccino

Now, to the Soy Cappuccino.

Unlike with making an espresso, when creating a Soy cappuccino the milk used has an equally important role with the beans. In our case, Segafredo’s Massimo beans are perfect for cappuccino-making, as this blend features hints of Caramels and Dark chocolate notes, which are a perfect match for chocolate-paired beverages.  

We have the coffee component covered. Now to getting our Soy milk perfetto.

Segafredo cappuccino soy

Unlike with standard cow’s milk, soy milk has a lower fat content making it sensitive to heat and can be tricky if too much heat is applied – the final result being of a cup of curdled coffee! All you need is to fine-tune your frothing-heating technique and good quality soy milk.

How to make a creamy, frothy coffee with soy milk.

Method and technique: 

  1. Use refrigerated soy milk
  2. Make sure you give your soy milk a good shake
  3. Pour into a foaming jug the required amount of soy milk
  4. Immediately begin texturising your milk, otherwise known as aerating the milk.  Stop, if you see creamy texture forming
  5. Continue to heat the milk while letting as little air (i.e. aerating) through as possible.
  1. Pour your milk slowly into your espresso shot using gentle swirling motions
  2. Finish off with a dusting of chocolate power

Note: overheating can lead to splitting the milk when poured into the coffee shot and too much air creates a bubbly texture and will ruin your foam.


A bit of practice is the key, and trying and tasting a few different soy milk brands. This will ultimately get you achieving the perfect soy cappuccino.

So now over to you! Enjoying that soy cappuccino in your garden, balcony or remote working? Show us on Instagram with @segafredo_zanetti

How to make a Segafredo soy cappuccino