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Caffè Latte versus Flat White – is there a difference?

Latte versus flat white segafredo

Here in Australia, the Latte and Flat White are the most popular coffee choices, with the flat white being the original Australian coffee drink and trending for some years. Those that enjoy a good Latte or flat white (using Segafredo coffee beans of course) would be somewhat tired of explaining the difference to non-coffee drinkers […]

What are the benefits of buying locally roasted coffee?

Locally roasted coffee beans

To locally roast, that is the question? We have the answers plus useful tips for you. The Australian coffee landscape has changed significantly over the last 70 years. Originally the Australian coffee identity was closely concentrated with Italian and Greek migrant café owners (in the 1950s and 1960s), to it now being a nationwide routine […]

Road Trip Anyone..?

An hour and a bit South of Sydney (depending on the car you drive) we find the beautiful costal town Kiama. Known for its cliffside caverns and blowholes there is now a new attraction in town; South African inspired KG Café. Owners Susan and Darren have been in the industry for over 15 years with […]