The perfect Affogato recipe by Segafredo | Espresso & Gelato coffee drink

The perfect Affogato recipe, what is it & how to make it?

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Check out our guide + learn some interesting facts along the way

Do your two passions happen to be espresso coffee (using Segafredo coffee beans, of course) & ice cream?

Did you know that this very combination exists? It’s an Italian coffee dessert, known as Affogato!

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It can be said that most of us are quite familiar with many different types of coffee drinks available: from the caffé latte and cappuccino (which have their own variations from strength to milk selection) to mochas and ice coffee beverages, and everything in between.

The Segafredo Affogato!

Before we dive in, we thought to share some interesting history and language facts.

Affogato is an Italian word meaning ‘drowned’. While one might not expect such a thing for a coffee beverage, it’s quite fitting and describes the drink perfectly! More on this below.

Some sources state the version (we will be sharing further down) was coined by 1999, and soon became a popular dessert order at lunch and dinner across Italian cafés and restaurants, with its popularity translating abroad.

What is an Affogato by Segafredo?

The great Affogato classic is simply ice cream “drowned” with coffee. More specifically, a scoop of vanilla ice cream is placed in a small cup, with hot espresso poured over it, making it the perfect coffee-dessert. See? We told you the name was appropriate!


The Affogato we shared above is referred to as the traditional one. There are, however, different versions served in various cafés around the world.

  • A slight variation to the ‘traditional’ version is using either warm (not hot) coffee or cold coffee,
  • For those who like something a bit stronger: another has the inclusion of a couple teaspoons of Frangelico added to the coffee, which is then poured over the ice cream,
  • Some have even used instant coffee (gasp..and how is this possible?) … I don’t believe I can finish this sentence off. Of course, using the finest quality coffee beans is your only choice!

How to make your Segafredo Affogato?

We have previously discussed how to make the best espresso. You will find the Affogato recipe is very easy to follow and rewarding, especially as the effort required is minimal, and given that it produces such a pleasant tasting, final result.

Simply, you will need an espresso shot using your favourite Segafredo coffee beans, quality gelato/ice-cream and that’s it. Also, we recommend chilling your serving glasses in the freezer.


  • 1 espresso shot using your favourite Segafredo coffee beans
  • 2 scoops of quality gelato / ice-cream
  • Serving glasses, chilled in the freezer (remove just before you prepare the coffee dessert)
  • Optional: syrup of your choice, chocolate flakes, toasted crushed nuts for garnishing


  1. Prepare your espresso like you normally would
  2. Remove chilled serving glass, and add your extremely cold gelato scoops
  3. Then add your espresso shot over the ice cream scoops in the glass (optional garnish additions can be added at this point)
  4. Serve and eat immediately

Is it a drink?
Or something you eat?

For those new to Affogato, think of it this way: how do you consume a sundae?

Like the sundae, the Affogato is meant to be enjoyed using a spoon. Of course, as it melts, you can sip it while enjoying this drink. Many Affogato fans find it a refreshing drink as well as a comforting drink (depending on their mood really, and the season, it seems).

Thanks to its simplicity and the rewarding taste, many cafés enjoy coming up with different variations.

Best time to enjoy your Segafredo Affogato?

Typically, Italians enjoy this as a coffee dessert after lunch or dinner, as is the case in other countries.

Ultimately, it is perfect to enjoy over all four seasons, either in the comfort of your home, or out with friends and family. Give this recipe a go, invite a few people over, and show-off your trendy café techniques.

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